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    I used to think I knew everything. I was a “smart person” who “got things done,” and because of that, the higher I climbed, the more I could look down and scoff at what seemed silly or simple, even religion. But I realized something as I drove home that night: that I am neither better […]


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    “Nature is pitiless; she never withdraws her flowers, her music, her fragrance and her sunlight, from before human cruelty or suffering. She overwhelms man by the contrast between divine beauty and social hideousness. She spares him nothing of her loveliness, neither wing or butterfly, nor song of bird; in the midst of murder, vengeance, barbarism, […]


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  • 01/02/14--01:12: Same?
  •   This is a portrait of Katie Parks and Sarah Parks, identical Twins born in 2001. The photo was taken by Martin Schoeller. “Long a source of fascination, twins have often been a theme of myth and legend. The founding of Rome by Romulus and Remus is one of the many instances that spring to […]

    davidkaniganPortraits of Identical Twins by Martin SchoellerdavidkaniganPortraits of Identical Twins by Martin Schoeller

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    “In his youth, he worked in a factory, though everyone said he looked more like a professor of classical languages than a factory worker. He walked to work as if moving under water. He was a beautiful man with a slender body which moved in a mixture of grace and sharp geometrical precision. His face had […]

    davidkaniganpaul celandavidkaniganpaul celan

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    I have led too serious a life; but that perhaps, after all, preserves one’s youth. At all events, I have travelled too far, I have worked too hard, I have lived in brutal climates and associated with tiresome people. When a man has reached his fifty-second year without being, materially, the worse for wear — […]


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  • 01/20/14--01:01: MLK
  • Image Source


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    We get a little further from perfection,each year on the road,I guess that’s what they call character,I guess that’s just the way it goes,better to be dusty than polished,like some store window mannequin,why don’t you touch me where i’m rusty,let me stain your hands. - Ani DiFranco   Photograph: Eric Rose. Poem: Fables of the Reconstruction. […]


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    Synecdoche, New York (2008) [over radio] Millicent Weems: What was once before you – an exciting, mysterious future – is now behind you. Lived; understood; disappointing. You realize you are not special. You have struggled into existence, and are now slipping silently out of it. This is everyone’s experience. Every single one. The specifics hardly matter. […]


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    Age is truly a time of heroic helplessness. One is confronted by one’s own incorrigibility. I am always saying to myself, “Look at you, and after a lifetime of trying.” I still have the vices that I have known and struggled with— well it seems like since birth. Many of them are modified , but not […]


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    Luhrmann doesn’t want to give in to the pressure to repeat himself. During the making of “Gatsby,” he said, he felt challenged and alive, “not panicked that somehow the universe was leaving me behind.” That is the way he needs to feel about his next project, whatever it is. “I’d love to have done James […]


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    Often a sweetness comes as if on loan, stays just long enough to make sense of what it means to be alive, then returns to its dark source. As for me, I don’t care where it’s been, or what bitter road it’s traveled to come so far, to taste so good. ~ Stephen Dunn Credits: Poem – […]

    davidkaniganwoman-black and white-portrait-ponderdavidkaniganwoman-black and white-portrait-ponder

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  • 02/20/14--04:00: Every day, start again.
  • Credits: “Every day, start again.” – Edward Docx, from Pravda via Journal of a Nobody. Illustration Credit.    

    davidkanigandrawing,illustration,woman,ponder,grief,thinking,thoughts,black and white,art,womandavidkanigandrawing,illustration,woman,ponder,grief,thinking,thoughts,black and white,art,woman

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  • 02/24/14--01:31: Every think of that?
  • Most of the pain you’re dealing with are really just thoughts.. ever think of that? - Buddhist Bootcamp   Credits: Image – Journal of a Nobody.  Quote: Thank you Karen @ Karen’s Korner

    davidkaniganphotography,black and whitedavidkaniganphotography,black and white

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  • 02/26/14--01:09: Guess.What.Day.It.Is?
  • Where’s Caleb on Hump Day?  Merzouga, Morocco.  Here he’s posing with his friend before a long walk in the desert… Source: Russell Bevan


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  • 03/03/14--01:27: I hear the wind blow
  • I hear the wind blow, And I feel that it was worth being born just to hear the wind blow. ~ Fernando Pessoa Poem Source: The Ugly Earring. Image Source: Marc Vasseur Photography via Journal of a Nobody

    davidkaniganphotography,black and whitedavidkaniganphotography,black and white

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  • 03/05/14--01:16: The watcher and the watched
  • An intellectual? Yes. And never deny it. An intellectual is someone whose mind watches itself. I like this, because I am happy to be both halves, the watcher and the watched. ‘Can they be brought together?’ This is a practical question. We must get down to it. ‘I despise intelligence’ really means: ‘I cannot bear […]


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  • 03/12/14--02:02: Till My Teeth Rattle
  • There’s no remedy, I suppose — this body just made from the beginning to be shocked, constantly surprised, perpetually stunned, poked and prodded, shaken awake, shaken again and again roughly, rudely, then left, even more bewildered, even more amazed. —Pattiann Rogers, closing lines to “Till My Teeth Rattle.” Pattiann Rogers Bio. Poem from Firekeeper: New and […]


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    “The mind of a writer can be a truly terrifying thing. Isolated, neurotic, caffeine addled, crippled by procrastination, consumed by feelings of panic, self-loathing and soul-crushing inadequacy… and that’s on a good day.” - Robert De Niro Source: Photograph – Awards Circuit.  Quote: Your Eyes Blaze Out

    davidkaniganRobert De NirodavidkaniganRobert De Niro

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  • 03/16/14--02:19: Humans of Reykjavik

  • davidkanigandavidkanigan

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  • 03/24/14--01:25: You are meant to fight
  • “You are meant to fight. When you are sick, your body fights for its right to function. When you hold your breath, your body fights for its right to breathe. There are billions of tiny events—from the surface of your skin, down to the very cells of your body—that have to happen in order for you […]

    davidkaniganeyes, red hairdavidkaniganeyes, red hair

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