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  • 07/10/16--01:00: Sunday Morning
  • It could happen any time, tornado, earthquake, Armageddon. It could happen. Or sunshine, love, salvation. It could, you know. That’s why we wake and look out – no guarantees in this life. But some bonuses, like morning, like right now, like noon, like evening. ~ William Stafford, “Yes,” The Way It Is: New and Selected […]


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  • 07/26/16--01:47: Start Me Up
  • Notes: Mick Jagger Portrait by David Bailey (via Precious Things). Post title from The Rolling Stones’ “Start Me Up” – music video here. “If you start me up, if you start me up, I’ll never stop. You can start me up, You can start me up, I’ll never stop, I’ve been running hot…”


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    Next time what I’d do is look at the earth before saying anything. I’d stop just before going into a house and be an emperor for a minute and listen better to the wind or to the air being still. When anyone talked to me, whether blame or praise or just passing time, I’d watch […]


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  • 09/13/16--01:00: Bruce
  • About an hour before every concert, Bruce Springsteen draws up a set list of 31 songs, written in big, scrawly letters in marker ink and soon thereafter distributed to his musicians and crew in typed-up, printed-out form. But this list is really just a loose framework. Over the course of an evening, Springsteen might shake […]


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  • 10/18/16--16:37: To the First Lady, With Love
  • Set your politics aside. This was a stunningly beautiful tribute to Michelle Obama by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, the author of the novel Americanah, who writes a “Thank-you Note”  To the First Lady, With Love.  Here’s a few excerpts: She had rhythm, a flow and swerve, hands slicing air, body weight moving from foot to foot, a beautiful […]


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  • 01/21/17--04:33: Saturday Morning
  • Fragile as ash a memory stirs and the past comes back. […] a single breath can make it crackle and burn. ~ Gary Catalano, “Breath,” Slow Tennis: Poems 1980-83   Notes: Poem – Memory’s Landscape. Catalano was an Australian poet and art critic. Photo: Eric Rose.


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  • 03/15/17--02:17: Morning Call
  • Today, if you’re confronting an issue for the ten thousandth time, or feeling that your life is going nowhere, or panicking over how little you’ve achieved, stop and breathe. You’re not falling behind on some linear race through time. You’re walking the labyrinth of life. Yes, you’re meant to move forward, but almost never in […]


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  • 11/20/17--16:28: Uma
  • Uma Thurman knows that there are no retakes in theater, no postproduction fixes, no chances to dub in a line. When she strides onstage for “The Parisian Woman,” a play by Beau Willimon, the “House of Cards” creator, that opens Nov. 30 at the Hudson Theater, no flattering lenses or editing trickery will help her. […]


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  • 03/20/18--16:50: Happy Birthday Holly!
  • Happy 60th Birthday Holly Hunter! (Born, March 20, 1958) “I don’t want anyone to ever wonder who I am,” she says. “I’m not interested in fooling people.” “Acting is a tremendously insecurity-making profession. I always feel insecure and I always feel confident. They’re slammed up against each other and it’s a constant balancing act.” Source: […]


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  • 09/04/17--01:00: Tuesday Morning Wake-Up Call
  • “People get up, they go to work, they have their lives, but you never see the headlines say, ‘Six billion people got along rather well today.’ You’ll have the headline about the 30 people who shot each other.” ~ John Malkovich John Gavin Malkovich, 59, was born in Christopher, Illinois.  His paternal grandparents were Croatian. […]